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Planting Trees…or should I say Tree

We bought our house almost a year ago and have been slowly adding to the back yard. First we had grass put in which has been great for the kids and the dogs. Over the past few months I have made a few planter boxes out of old palettes and planted a few flowers. But now that spring is here it’s time to plant trees! Now I wanted something that would grow relatively quickly as well as thrive in the desert environment. So… a plum tree it was! Now the plan was to get 2 plum trees;  but after realizing how hard it is to dig a three foot hole in the desert, I decided to start with 1.

Here’s how it went down:

8AM – Start digging hole

8:30AM – Realize this was going to be a lot harder than I anticipated

9 AM – The blisters are starting to form

9:30 AM – Lose count of how many giant rocks I have dug up

10 AM – Question why I wanted a stupid tree in the first place

10:45 – Success!! My finished hole measured about 2 feet wide and 3 feet deep


1 PM – Go to Lowes with two kids in tow

1:30 PM – My 4 year old insists on picking flowers and giving them to all the ladies (Adorable)

1:45 PM – Finally leave store with soil and 12 foot tree.

2:00 PM – Watch leaves blowing off my tree as I’m driving home in my truck

2:15 PM – Borrow a friend’s husband to carry the tree (its reallllllly heavy) into my backyard

2:20 PM – Fill the hole with a jumbo bag of soil and wrestle tree into the hole

2:30 PM – Finish filling hole with remaining soil and create a little water basin out of rocks (that I dug up)

2:35 PM – Water the tree while trying to prevent two kids from getting completely soaked

3:00 PM – Tree is done!! Decide that I’m very content with only 1 tree at the moment

3:10 PM – Nap time for the kids. Mommy needs a glass of wine


And that’s how you do it folks! Dig hole, plant tree…. kinda

8 thoughts on “Planting Trees…or should I say Tree

  1. Your post really made me smile. Really loved the play by play … good for you for seeing it through! Not so sure I would have! Your tree really is cute and as it takes root and grows you will look at the tree with such satisfaction that you did it!! 🙂

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