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Study Tips for Moms in School

  1. Coffee, coffee, coffee
  2. Since going to the library usually isn’t an option; set aside 30 minutes – 1 hour before the kids wake up or after they go to bed to work on school
  3. Be realistic in your study goals. A 3 hour cram session is probably not going to happen. Aim for lots of 30 minute sessions
  4. Coffee, coffee, coffee
  5. Use a planner to write down assignment due dates and goals (I would be lost without mine)
  6. Use lots of sticky notes so you can easily find where you left off
  7. Use highlighters…A LOT! (The bookstore isn’t going to buy your book back anyway)
  8. Accept the fact that the children WILL interrupt you
  9. Have a separate study space where the dirty dishes, laundry and unswept floor won’t distract you
  10. Coffee, coffee, coffee

7 thoughts on “Study Tips for Moms in School

  1. It must be hard to fit in studying around children however I think that your point of smaller 30 minute study sessions and a clear space to work in definitely help. Thanks for your help.

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  2. These are great! I remember when my mom was in school when my sister and I were younger. I remember her sitting on the computer a lot and doing tons of typing, and we were supposed to leave her alone. Serious kudos to Mom’s to go back to school with kids!


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