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A weekend without kids…only cried once

This weekend I hit a mom milestone by dropping the kids off

at grandma and grandpa’s house for a weekend alone with

my husband. This was the first time we had ever left the 1

year old overnight with anyone. I was not too heartbroken

about leaving the kids. Ok, I will admit I got teary eyed one

time… but it was short lived.

The glory of eating at a restaurant sans children was worth it.

No one threw food on the floor or tried to escape the high

chair. I was able to go to Ulta and actually browse through

ALL the makeup aisles without a toddler playing in the face

powder or lip sticks. I went clothes shopping and was able to

try things on in peace. No one ran amok, tried to escape the

fitting room or hid in the clothing racks. It was, dare I say,


Since we got a hotel room I had the privilege of sleeping in till

11 o clock!! I did not even think that was possible. I’ll use the

word again… it was GLORIOUS! Of course come Sunday I

was getting a little anxious to see the kids, we both were. It

was definitely nice to get time to recharge though. I’m already

counting down the months till we get to drop them off again!

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