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The Joys of Tee Ball (insert sarcasm here)

Recently my husband and I had the brilliant idea of signing our 4-year-old up for tee ball… need I say more. Remembering my own tee ball days, I did NOT go into the first practice with high expectations. Like I suspected, it was an hour of total chaos. The second practice was pretty much the same; but the third practice got WORSE (I did not think it was possible). We started the evening with my son running in and out of the older kids’ team practice, almost getting hit in the head by a bat. I tried to keep my cool as I counted to three, desperately hoping and praying he would listen. Of course, he didn’t and he continued to stand in the middle of their practice with a defiant little grin. Meanwhile parents are starting to look back and forth at us like a ping pong match, waiting for the next move.

My son made it very clear he was not budging, leaving me to ditch the stroller (with my 1 year old still in it) and tromp across the field in my new boots. Now he thinks it’s a game and starts to run away from me. Ladies and gentlemen, I literally had to pick my child up kicking and screaming and drag him off the field. Mortified and avoiding eye contact I finally delivered my kid to HIS baseball field to start tee ball practice.

Toddler – 1  Mom – 0

The evening only got WORSE. Kids were tackling each other, fighting over bats, throwing dirt, picking weeds…the list goes on and on. My dear child came over for a drink of water approximately every 5 minutes. I think some baseball might have been played, but I’m not entirely sure. Bless his coach, who has the most patience I have ever seen. I on the other hand, had never been so happy for a practice to be over. Thank goodness I have the weekend to recover before practice on Tuesday…

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