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Old lady at 26

I am a firm believer that moms (and parents in general) REALLY need to take up hobbies and have interests of their own, especially those that do not revolve around Disney Channel or Nick Jr.  Not only is it healthy mentally, but it gives you topics of conversation that do not revolve around baby poop, should you actually find yourself in a conversation with a fellow adult!

So, in an attempt to have a life outside of my kids, I have taken up many hobbies over the years. Crocheting and quilting among these. OK, maybe that’s a little inaccurate, I use the term hobby very loosely.  I have completed ONE crochet scarf and ONE baby quilt (more on that another time). Hey, in “mom time” that counts as a hobby right?

My mom has been trying to teach me to crochet since I was little, but it just never clicked for me. One day wandering up and down the aisles at Hobby Lobby I came across the crochet hooks and pattern books. Having a newborn and desperately clawing for anything to do that wasn’t baby related, I convinced my husband that I was going to become a world class crochet master, and to set me up with some yarn and a pattern book. I read the books and watched A LOT of YouTube to practice basic stitches.

I made lots of ugly practice swatches and a baby hat that resembled some sad form of a drink coaster. I finally found a semi easy scarf pattern that looked “do-able” to me. Each night after the kids were asleep I sat with my ball of yarn, my glass of wine and watched Will and Grace while attempting to make this scarf.

I realize that I sound like the total stay at home mom cliché, glass of wine and all. But hey, that’s ok…wine makes me happy. I’m pleased to announce that I did indeed finish my scarf and I even wore it a few times over the winter. Believe it or not I received a few compliments when I wore it; but that left me to wonder if the scarf actually turned out nice, or if people were pitying my homemade scarf attempt.

Ugly or not, a completed project is a completed project. And in “mom time” that makes it a hobby.

crochet q


***I Used Lion Brand Yarn color #200 Tropics following the pattern from

4 thoughts on “Old lady at 26

  1. You completed a project! Yeah! It’s cute! I agree 100% that moms need something for themselves. You give to your kids and spouse and often forget about yourself. Good for you for picking up crochet!

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  2. Your scarf is cute! I have been crocheting for a long time too! It is definitely not an old lady craft. I’ll be 35 soon! I can’t follow patterns very well though!

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