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Easter and Mexican Food

Hope everyone had a good Easter! Whether you went to church or simply enjoyed a family day I hope it was fantastic. As another Easter has come and gone, I have a few thoughts.  First off, I’m pretty sure I rank in the top ten worst Easter Bunnies ever. I am an oilfield wife, which means my husband is away at work for long stretches of time leaving me in charge of the two kids and any associated activities. Considering I have a 4-year-old, Easter Bunny shopping with him in tow is no longer an option. So since I suck at life, I had one of my good friends come over late Saturday night to babysit my kids so I could go to Walmart with the rest of the Easter Bunny procrastinators. The scene at Walmart was bleak: a bunch of desperate parents fighting over jelly beans, plastic eggs and 40 cent plastic grass. I rounded up a few Easter Bunny gifts and made my way to the checkout line. The employee looked at me with a look of pity as I mumbled some lame excuse about being a procrastinator. In my mind, if I pointed out the obvious maybe I could avoid any further looks of pity and annoyance.   Furthermore, being the classy parent that I am, I spent the remaining Saturday night drinking wine and filling plastic eggs with jelly beans and hiding them around my living room.

Sunday morning came and my toddler was stoked that the Easter Bunny came for a visit (parent win); although my one year old could’ve cared less about the Easter Bunny. He did enjoy pulling all the grass out of his basket, leaving me a mess to clean up (typical).  I successfully rounded up my children and took them to church (another parent win), but followed that up with drive thru Mexican food for our Easter lunch/dinner (parent fail).

As we grossly consumed our burrtitos and tamales, I began to reflect on the fact that holidays are created to test and destroy our diets as parents. New Year’s comes and we are excited about the “New Year, New Me” bullshit; exercise and healthy eating ensue. But then comes Valentine’s Day… the first true diet test… chocolate hearts and bulging waistlines.  Spring break follows closely after, oh wait I’m a parent. So, that leaves us with Easter… jelly beans and Cadbury Crème eggs galore. I’m sure there will be more creeping holidays, just waiting to test my diet and self-control.

But until then, I will check off another Easter in my books.


But the kids were happy, so that’s all that matters, right?!

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