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Why I bought a two piece swimsuit

As the dreaded swim suit seasons creeps closer and closer, I am faced with the reality that I no longer have my tiny college physique. Long gone are the days of flat tummies and perky boobs. Instead they have been replaced with the “mom tummy” which slightly resembles stretched out gum.

Before the new year I started eating healthy and working out at home. A nice combo of short, high intensity workouts in my living room and yoga after the kids are asleep. Now that it’s April I am thrilled to have lost 20 pounds have have nice definition in my arms and legs. But….. the mom tummy…. the mom tummy remains scarred And stretched for all to see. I instinctually tried on all the one piece swimsuits at Target but they made me feel old and lame, like I had completely given up.

But I got to thinking, I have worked super hard to lose the weight and I AM proud of myself. My kids are not going to care if I have flat abs or a little bit of a saggy tummy. So I did it, I took the plunge and bought the cute two piece. Is my body perfect? Absolutely NOT!!! But nobody is perfect. So this summer I will be packing my swim bag, and I WILL be wearing my two piece swim suit because life is short. My (non existent) 6 pack abs should not be the focus of my summer. Spending time with my kids splashing in the sprinklers and making memories is what’s important in life. 

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